Toyo All-Terrain Tires

Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic and performance with Toyo All-Terrain Tires, exclusively available at Tire Connection Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) leading wheel and tire dealer. Discover a world of limitless style and unmatched performance as you browse through our extensive collection of Toyo All-Terrain Tires.
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Latest Models Available of Toyo All-Terrain Tires

  • Toyo Tires Open Country H/T II

    Designed for ride comfort without compromising durability. Great on-road performance is what sets this tire apart with added handling during city driving and stability while on the highway. Added durability and traction for that off-road trek, or when on the job site getting things done, makes this a very versatile tire. The Open Country H/T II is available in a wide range of sizes and offers an upgraded ride quality and versatile look for your light truck, SUV, or crossover vehicle.

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  • Toyo Tires Open Country M/T

    Designed for enthusiasts who require extra ground clearance, load-carry capacity and off-road capability. As an added bonus it also provides great on-road performance.

    The Open Country M/T incorporates new production technology along with Toyo’s award winning DSOC II Technology. What this means for you is levels of uniformity and durability unmatched by other mud terrain tires. This advanced balance and construction strength provides uncompromised control. Combined with an enhanced look for added style, the Open Country M/T makes any light truck look better!

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  • Toyo Tires Open Country R/T


    A revelation in technology for light truck and SUVs.  Not only designed to be aggressive in off-road adventures, they also provide a smoother on road driving experience.

    That’s right, off-road performance meets on road comfort!

    The Open Country R/T combines the best features found in the Open Country A/T II for all terrain and paved road performance…while blending many of the off-road features found in the legendary Open Country M/T.

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  • Toyo Tires Open Country R/T Trail


    The Toyo Open Country R/T Trail offers a new level of traction and comfort for light truck and SUV owners.

    Designed to be more aggressive than a standard all terrain tire, while offering a smoother on road driving experience compared to other off-road ready products.

    In addition, the advanced compounding delivers effective wet traction, durability, and wear life. While a unique tread design coupled with an aggressive stylish sidewall ensures the Open Country R/T Trail will enhance the traction and look of any light truck or SUV.

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